Wednesday, September 03, 2008

[ 42- My Life & Wife at Miraj.]

My wife and myself enjoyed our stay at the hotel and also the food at many of the restaurants in the area. Daily I would come to the hotel in the mill car self driven as no driver was available to me but there were a dozen working round the clock for the the big fat pigs.My wife would be ready and after I got fresh we would dine at a different hotel daily.After a week we just started to have room service.
Sunday being my weekly holiday I would go up to our quarters to make arrangements for minimum comforts needed for us to stay.The mill had no furniture or even ceiling fans in the bed rooms.Everything was fixed after the company Secretary was informed to have this and that done.
We started our shop without a cooking gas and stove using electric heater to cook our food.Sometimes later I got the gas and the we had to buy the bed and bed sheets.The furniture supplied was not sufficient and few things we had to buy.
The quarters was on the first floor of a big 3 storied building.Above our floor we had a good family and a cute little baby fond of my wife.
The owner of the building was living on the ground floor and there was a big garden all around the house.
There was no TV or Phone.
My car given by the mill was a Fiat and was floating on petrol giving just six kilometer per liter and the mill was paying for petrol.
The mill was over 70 years old and the mill was taken over by my employer when the money payable for the cotton purchased was not paid by the previous management.
My son or daughter could not visit our place as my stay at the place was short.The place was good but not the sons of bitches who got me there and my hurry to get out of my previous place made me quit the place that suited us.
However even if things were perfect I could not continue in that place as my daughter had to complete her finals for Graduation.
My daughter was having one or other things bothering her in her studying and she was constantly reminding my wife that it was very difficult for her to concentrate on her studies and she must have my wife there.
My wife went to check up her problems and stayed for over a month and I found it very problematic to manage the house and work as also to cook my meals at night.Lunch was not a problem but to go home after 7 or 8 PM and cook was a problem and to go out for eat very tiresome.
The place I worked as a CEO was a shit.
The Employer was as I found out was just wanting to know if I did anything to his satisfaction.
The mill had a long history of persons who had come and left without notice be it a person with reputation in the industry or with distinguished academic qualifications.
My first contact with the workers union representatives was very cordial and it was their first greetings and wish that I stay to improve he mills.I inquired with them as to why the mill was so bad.
The main reason that they said was a procession of mill managers who had left the mills unable to bear the harassment of Mill Management.I told them now it is the other way and I would be harassing them.They said time will tell.
I did not give much thought to what a workers leader told me,my only thought was how am I going to set right this mill which had everything wrong in every place and in every machine and even the machine that was used to set right the machines in every place was itself not calibrated for over 2 or 3 years.
The immediate concern of the management was machine utilization for want of tubes on which the yarn is formed on spinning machines.
My task was to improve the machine utilization.
I had a inventory of the tubes done and found it was as per norms.
Than where are he tubes ?.
The mill was out sourcing the yarn on tubes to be unwound.
This sort of a arrangement is against the Law.
I visited the place away from the mills and found lot of tubes with yarn unwound at the bottom due to spinning defect.
I sent the spinning master to visit the place and see the tubes are unwound machine wise with machine Nos marked along with each lot and set right the defect.I had to force him on this job as going to that place was not his daily job.
There was improvement in machine utilization.
The mill also had another small mill and here also I took care and told the Mill Manager who had to report to me to see that my problem is solved as we were sending yarn tubes there also.He being from my college was helpful.
This took about 2 months and there was some satisfaction to the pigs.
The next was absenteeism of workmen due to bad working conditions.
The management wanted dismissal on this ground,in a unlawful way.
I took care to this and dismissed many with proper procedure.
This made the workers union very seriously unhappy.
Labor trouble was brewing up slowly but strongly,my action built bad emotions.
The work at the mill on working condition was very slow but getting better.
The management wanted Action plans on product diversification for both mills.
I prepared several plans and told them to implement it along with my action plan for improving working conditions and quality with suggestions on other improvements.
Then came Deepavali and Bonus issue and this was a serious matter.
There was a wage dispute on other labor matters settled in Courts but not implemented.
This was a serious matter with the Managing Director getting arrested for contempt of court orders and labor leaders going serious on these matters.
The most unlawful of Public Limited Company was in full force,of that being there being no Managing Director for the mills.
The mill was run by 2 Pigs on Money Power.
The Pigs thought of a plan to appoint a Old man working as Maintenance Manager under me and he was to be appointed as Managing Director.I was told not to worry as he would be still working under me and the arrangement was to avoid the Pigs getting hand Cuffs.
Mill was facing lot of Labor problems and strikes.
My work was uninterrupted,the Old man the proposed MD was a nice old honest man but highly inefficient.He had joined on some outside political support.
I had told him and the Spinning Master to get a Machine Speed Indicator fixed on a Brand New Machine.This was not done after repeated instructions by me.
This being neglected by both the officers made me to tell them get it removed to day and send it for fixing it or do not enter the mills tomorrow.
The good old man shaking walked in to my office and gave his resignation letter.
I was surprised and told him to take it back as there was a proposal to make him the MD of the mills.Reluctantly he took it back.
In the evening the two Pigs came to the mills and the elder Pig was furious on my actions but was Cool.
He asked me why the Old man's resignation affair was not informed on phone at least if not going over to their place 7 KM away to report personally.
What ever I said did not satisfy the Big Pig.He told me to meet the Company Secretary who told me to submit my Resignation.
My wife and myself had our Honey Moon Completed at this place.We were back home to guide and help our daughter who was wanting our presence badly.

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