Thursday, April 30, 2009

[ Visit to Bharat Earth Movers,Mysore by Members of " The Institute Of Standards Engineers ".]

(Mysore Complex)
Truck Division at Mysore,located
around 130 Kms
from Bangalore,
was established in 1986
with a total area of 600 acres.
Asia’s biggest Dump Truck Factory
in India is located at
Truck Division,Mysore.
The products manufactured at
Truck Division are:
Mining &
* Dump Trucks (Mechanical Drive)
* Dump Trucks (Electrical Drive)
* Water Sprinkler
* Motor Grader
* Tatra 6x6 (Euro II)
* Air Craft Weapon Loader.
* Air Craft Towing Tractor
* Air Craft Towing Tractor
with Ground Power Unit.
Manufacturing Facilities.
* Dumper Assembly
* Welding Robot
* 5 Major Hangers
o Plate / Fabrication Shop
o Machine Shop
o Light Assembly
o Major Assembly
o Final Testing & Paint Shop
* Equipment Test Track
* Tatra Hanger
* 5 Ancillary Units.
Central Test Laboratory –
NABL Accredited.
* To Ensure Quality of Conformance,
Precision Measuring, Test Equipments
and their Calibration
* Having Facility for Testing of
Materials, Castings, Forgings,
Raw Materials, Oils and Paints Rubbers
* Test Facility include Mechanical
Tests, Chemical Analysis,
Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing,
Magnetic Particle Inspection
and Dye Penetrant Testing
* Metrology & Gauge
Calibration is having facility
for Calibration of Precision
Measuring Instruments – Co-ordinate
Measuring Machine, Form Tester
and Surface Tester
* Sophisticated test cell for
performance of Engines &
Endurance Testing of Components,
Injector Tester and
FIP Calibration Bench
For further details please contact:
Truck Division
Mysore Complex,
BEML Limited,
Belavadi Post,
Mysore – 570 018.
Ph:+91 821 2402422 (24 Lines)
Fax: +91 821 2402434 / 2402429

The Institute of Standards Engineers,
I would Like to add that:-
I had joined this prestigious institute over 15 years back.As a Life Member I still participate in its activities,and my retirement has no effect on the participation in its activities,there are many who are in my class and they are all real Engineers of all the members I am the only member of the Bangalore Division representing the Textile Industry as a Qualified Chartered Textile Technologist a qualification equivalent to a Degree in Textile Technology Awarded by the Textile Institute,Manchester,UK.I was the only General Manager of a Textile Mill under Govt Controlled 16 Textile Mills under the Name of NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION (APKKAM),HO at Bangalore,A Sub Subsidiary of NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION,Holding Company HO at New Delhi and was Managing more than 100 Textile Mills all over INDIA.As of now its no more than what it was then when it was taken over by Govt of India,under an Ordinance and it was Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi's view of giving relief to workers thrown out of employment by private mill owners who Shut the door after mismanaging the mills.That was during Mrs.Indira Ghandi's unforgetable Era.
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