Friday, April 17, 2009

[ My Home - 2 ]

It's not that my father did not leave
his home to his children
that I have made a Home.
There are more reasons than that,
my Job was not a secure Job.
Though I did resign several times
and was never thrown out by any employer,
my worry was where do I keep
my Wife and Kids if I were to be
thrown out from a Job,if that should
happen,I was very confident of
getting another Job but that
involved traveling to all the textile
capitols of the country and it
was just impossible to do that.
The need for a Home was therefore
a necessity and not a do or die question.
Even assuming that this was not
going to happen there was another
question of where to go on long
summer holidays when my kids would
want to visit Bangalore first and
all others if they ever want,
to go next, as all the action
was in Bangalore for them.
All Friends,Relatives,
my parents in law,very dear
to my son(my daughter was
still a baby),The Cinema Theaters,
The Restaurants,The Shopping
Centers at Brigade Road and
Commercial Street being most
sought after,Our family's
favorite "West End"
later it was "TAJ WEST END".
Everything at Bangalore.
Therefore I needed our own
Home and could not
stay in any relative's or
my F i l 's place,not that we
were unwelcome in any place
it was my attitude.
So where do I stay.
I wanted "MY HOME"
It's not all that is there
to me,there is more
than that to call a place,"MY HOME".

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