Tuesday, April 07, 2009

[ My Home ]

My Home,it's a
place where I stay.
It can be also the
place where I was Born.
It can also be
my ancestral home.
Would I Like a
Independent home.
I did not have a
choice for a hi-tech Flat.
Should I take it in a
Rural place.
Or take it only in
Urban area.?
Away from the busy area.
There are many
reasons selecting a place.
Some have no choice in selecting
the area they prefer for their home.
There are people who have made
their home away from home.
Far away from the place of
their birth,their mother land as we call.
It is in a country
where they were not born.
That can be in a different
place having it's own culture
very different from their own.
My point is where is your " Home ".
When you say Come to "My Home".
What is " My Home " then.?
" My Home ", I purchased and
renovated,later I built the first Floor.
I did not stay in my Home till
I quit my Job and it was a Chosen
Retirement for me.Few years
I did stay away from" My Home "
till the the kids could stay
on their own feet,also get married.
Both my kids after getting married
left us (that is my wife and me)
and settled in a foreign land,
Now my wife and me are together and
this place I stay is " My Home ".
Updated 16-04-09
Why is it called my Home.
Every Brick in this House is a sweet Memory.
I purchased this house
from my hard earned money
After I purchased,a House
Warming Function was to be held.
My sister did a face lift
and made it look nice.
We did Homa & Pooja and all
my relatives and friends had come,
there was a feast for all.
We could not stay in
this House as I was in Kerala
in my Company provided
Bungalow inside the 15 Acre Compound.
My friend arranged it to be
let out on rent to few bachelors.
I constructed a Garage soon.
We frequented our visits,
whenever I had to come to
Bangalore on Official duties.
We came to see the house,once
we brought 6 coconut tree saplings
and planted it.It is now 70 feet tall
and is yielding 400 coconuts per year.
This if sold would cover our Property Tax.
I was Born in Bangalore so I must
have my place to stay.
How could I as it was Let out for Rent.
I constructed the First Floor with
One Room a Small Prayer Room and
a Bathroom Like in my Hotel
where I used to stay.
Myself,My wife,My Son and Daughter
would stay here when ever we
used to come on Summer Holiday's,
as staying in Hotel or in
my Father in Law's house
was not comfortable for my purse
and my prayers that I did daily.
This was soon upgraded to
another two rooms to be used as
Kitchen and Dining Rooms.
Now my Son was a tall Boy so
he used to sleep in the Dining Room
where a Folding Bed was used,so it
was a Dining Room for us and at
Night it was my Son's Bed Room.
It was a full fledged house used
only once a year on summer holidays.
The Plan of the house was
complete with a open space
of 220 sq ft of open Terrace.
This was soon made as
a A/C Bed Room with Bath & Toilet
and in front of it was a
Dressing Room Like in the Hotel
where we used to stay.
All this took over
3 years to come in one shape
as First Floor.
It was my Father's Wish that I
must have a house in Bangalore
as he had to sell our ancestral
house to clear the Loan he had taken
from the Bank to construct a
First Floor but instead had
given it to a big money lender
as deposit at unimaginable
interest and the money lender
went Bankrupt soon and my Father
lost the money and our
Ancestral Home.He was so much
hurt till his death that he had
lost our ancestral HOME which
he could not keep for his children
to do what they wanted.

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