Wednesday, May 06, 2009

[ Beijing not Bangalore.]

We in Bangalore viewed our News on NDTV as usual and Breaking News it was the President of United States of America speaking that companys creating Jobs in Bangalore would pay higher taxes than those who created Jobs in Buffolow.
He could have added Beijing but he was perhaps advised not to say so.Today's News paper say that for America Outsourcing will prove 50% dearer for US cos and Mr.Obama's Tax plan will Act as a Dampener.
The News paper further said 'Indian firms will gain'.
The IT industry in Bangalore believes President Obama,despite his tough talk,cannot stop the reality of outsourcing.Politics has a lot to do with this
'Bangalore torpedo'.One CEO even said the President's move smacks of US arrogance.
US cos will have to outsource as the man power needed will be an issue in US.
Regardless of whether the Tax is levied or not,US companies will have to outsource to remain globally competitive.
Bangalore will have to worry about Beijing as China is gearing itself to overtake
the outsourcing in the next couple of years.
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