Saturday, April 25, 2009

[ My Home - 3.]

I should say Our Home and not my
home because here my family lives and
not me alone.
Having said that my children are living
separately and they are not living in
my country.
They have their home and this My Home
they still
can call My Home or our home.
I don't know what they wish to call
My Home or Our Home.
They did say you have your Home and
we will have our Home.
So what have we Got.?
Now we have how may My Homes.
1 )My Son's Home.
2 )My Daughter's Home.
3 )My Daughter in law's Home,which is
also my Son's Home.
4 )My Son in law's Home,which is
also my Daughters Home.
They all go by the common name My Home.
Which is the Home Common to all Homes,
it's My Home.
The Home where all of us were
living except my Son in Law.
My Son in law used to visit us,
I mean my Daughter frequently.
My Daughter in law was visiting us
I mean my Son for many years,
lived with us for few years,were
in love secretively and my
Daughter in law married my son
or the other way.and were Gone
soon after marriage living my
daughter,my wife and me
and they left to seek
their future else where and
are living happily in their Home.
My Daughters marriage was also
similar but slightly different in the
sense my Son in law was not
staying with us.He had his Home.
He visited us very rarely but
was working in the same company
as my Daughter's.
My Home is the place where all
of us were parking our self
with out a parking fee.
My Home is therefore a place
of past memory as they all have
left some memento and that
you can't find it in their home.
We visited their Home and sure
we have left our memento their,
that would be Just the Guest Room
we stayed,which they can say
our parents stayed in this
room when they visited Our Home.
When I say Come to My Home
it carries so many hidden memories.
Sweetest hard to forget memories.
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