Monday, April 13, 2009

[ I am worried Maya.]

Maya went
back to her
home just
two months.
She sees us
and smiles.
We do not
know if she
remembers us.
We feel she
us because
she smiles.
It is hard to know that
she knows us as her
someone she has seen.
She smiles many times
at many things.
We have seen her smile
at children playing in
the street.
She smiles even at the
flowers in our garden.
Most fascinating was
her smile with the group
of street Dogs ever
present here,
in front of our house.
It is hard to know if
she remembers us
because of her smile
over internet on her Dad's
presented 19 inch
ViewSonic Monitor.
Whatever be the
cause of her smile,
it gladdens our heart.
There is a worry
if she remembers us.
No one can tell.
No power can say,let alone God.
He never speaks though.

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