Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[ 2 Challenge ]

Now I had a challenge on myself.Having 5 sisters and only one younger brother in a highly orthodox bramhin family,only thouse in my group can guess the struggle parents had in thous days educating and getting all of them married.The other part being my working hours [ in a the textile mill except Sunday's all other days the plant works from 7.00 AM to 7.00 AM.,with a break for lunch after every 4 hours.Which means I had to be at my work spot at 7.00 AM,3.00 PM, & 11.00 PM.It was called First shift at 7.00 AM.Second shift at 3.00 PM and Third shift at 11.00 PM.To leave a girl of just 19 years of age all alone at 11.00 PM in a house which was isolated from other buildings was a tough problem for me but my wife was innocently blind to any thinking that I had of the kind in my mind.To my luck very soon I was promoted and was placed in charge of duties which involved maintenance of machines and this was being done only during day shift. My duty hours now was only from 7.00 AM to 3.00 PM.[ so no problem ].
So it was a challenge again for me to have only a boy first and think next.How do you do this?.
I consulted lot of my colleagues and collected tips of all sorts including a spiritual tip on how a baby boy can come first in the family.My wife did hers which will come elsewhere in this [ 1 to ? ].
I did all which are classified tips including the spiritual and practiced the spiritual till the last day.I will mention that day later.
I was working in a textile mill in Coimbatore near the hill station 'Ooty' which was a tourist paradise thouse days in 50's.There was a qualified technical assist to help me and two experienced jobbers ( Foreman's in Engineering terminology ).They were my consultants on personal matters also.I mention this,as it is relevent to my problems.There was a senior bramhin administrative staff who was incharge of the plant production accountings.He was my financial adviser in the sence whenever I was short of cash he would lend me any amount.Even the Deputy Plant Manager would but I never did approach him except for just once and once only.Why did I do it,will be said in some other context.
I went on as the days went by and was more serious in my job than anything.I never bothered to ask my wife if she was pregnant.By God!!, my heart skipped a beat when she told me she was pregnant.

All sorts of worry and fear started.
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