Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[ 4 All Alone ]

I was all alone at Coimbatore for over 2 months till my dream baby boy entered this good old green earth,when there was no mention of green those days 40 years ago.
My wife spent her days enjoying the love and care of her parents.
I enjoyed dreaming about my baby boy all alone.
The appointed day arrived after Deepavali,when I went to see my wife.I had lots of cash as Deepavali Bouns was paid by the mills.[One months full pay].
No sign of my dream baby boy till I left Bangalore.
I returned to Coimbatore.
Few days after I left Bangalore !.
My wife sensed the arrival signal of the baby in god's own way.
Her parents and sister's vigil on her gave no room for panic.
She was taken to St.Theresa's [a missionary] hospital known for good doctor's who would avoid unnatural methods of delivery.Like caesarian.
She was for 3 days under 24x7 vigil.
On the 3rd day her father sees her before he goes to office.
Mother informs that it is Utwan Dwadasi a day Lord Krishna married Tulasi.[true].and that she will come after puja to Lord Krishna and Tulsi.
Mother comes with prasad and gives it to my wife.
My wife gets to hear the signal sound.
No panic?.
Wife's mother rushes to inform doctor having Lunch.
They arrive immediately.
My wife was taken to the Labour ward.[I don't know why it is called so ].
My dream comes true at 13.30 [15 days after Deepavali] a day fixed permanently.
He was all pale blue due to care taken by doctors to fix his head position

I don't know how I spent those lonely dreaming days playing with my god's gifted baby but I remember that every day befour I went to bed I would write a letter daily to my wife with out fail after I had that inland letter.
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