Monday, July 28, 2008

[ 1 . I Start writing ]

How do you start writing about your son from day one of his entry on this planet after he has become a father and starts a blog of his own and starts writing on his first born even befour the baby lands on his arms?.
Frankly I never would have attempted to write the way he has written.Being a tough guy I was faced with a challenge.
When I commented to my son that I have this and that blah,blah to write,he said you start let me see how you go.
I took it as a challenge and started this from day one as per my method which is 45 years old.
Thouse were the days my son,which are embedded in my mind about you and your Mom.
After my marriage which was a arranged marriage,I had no plans or any wish to have a baby but after two years my first lady was mentioning by her sweet voice mumbling something sounding like baby,baby.For nearly three years I did manage but my father would not leave me,one day he told me that my father in law had a doubt on my ability to make a baby.That was it a challenge.The rest is now 40 plus years.
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