Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[ 3 Pregnant ]

Fear of all sorts and with all types of worries

What should I do?.
When my wife was pregnant with nine weeks fetus,I had sleepless nights.
My duty hours had changed as I was promoted to day duties only.

My first thought that flashed was my college Mr.George and his first new born baby.I met him and slowly told him that my wife was pregnant and wanted to know what was done when his wife was pregnant.He told me that she was taken to a Gynecologist for a check up at his place in Kerala and since we were in Coimbatore he suggested his wife's doctor who was a Gynecologist and very near to our house.I did just that and got confirmed that my wife was 100% pregnant and the news was conveyed to my parents and my wife's parents.They were thrilled by the news,I twirled my mustache left and right upwards.
The Gynecologist doctor(name forgotten)she was consulted monthly for six months.The consultation fee was Rs.20/=.( around $.0.50 ).
A senior friend of mine working as a Technical Director in a local Textile Machinery Manufacturing Company was living next to my place of residence.He had married a Swiss National and she was a nice lady.Another was a friend who was working as Sales Manager in Burma Shell Oil Co [ now it is Indian Oil Co ]and his wife was another good lady too.
It was the good advice of these lady's that kept my wife out of any fear or anxiety all the days,till her departure to her mothers place which should be on the 7th month only as per tradition to take care of her health till the baby's birth. I took her on the 7th month and left her after a grand function was performed in which all the members of our family were present.
I told my father in law to send me a inland letter if it was a baby boy or just a post card if it was a baby girl.No telegram.I don't know how I felt on the day I left Bangalore to my place Coimbatore as it is over 40 plus years.
My wife tells me now that I was paisa less as I had lost my Wallet and with it all the money and the return Bus ticket too.She borrowed money from my mother in law and with it I was able to return.
To day is the 104th Birth Anniversary of J R D Tata.
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