Thursday, July 31, 2008

[ 6 Dinesh Dutt ]

I was unable to go on the 11th day,it was my father in law's wish that I must be present when my son enters the house with his mother to welcome them .There are only two reasons for not being present on such a auspicious day.Not getting leave of absence from duties or not having money.May not be the money as I remember,since my friends would lend me any amount.It must be my superiors who wanted me on my duties.Any how my wife tells me that I was present on the 16th auspicious day.The day my son would be christened his name.My wife tells me it was a grand function and his name was written on a silver plate with rice spread out to form a board to write. The pundit who performed the pooja took out my gold ring from my finger and told me to hold my son's little hand and write the word on the spread out rice in the silver plate.I wrote his name," Dinesh Dutt ".The first letter of my name " G " was included later.My wife say's I spent all of my ten days playing with him and had to leave on the 11th day.
My wife and son were looked after by my parents in laws for over six moths till the baby took all immunizations for all types of infectious that baby's would get.They both returned with my parents in law accompanied and to see them safe in the journey.They returned after making sure that my wife would look after the baby alright further.
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