Friday, June 12, 2009

[ My Temple - At Srirangapatana.]

Having found my school it was not a task for me sitting in a taxi to find my temple.The only problem was the taxi driver who went on cursing silently as I went on giving him directions 360 deg and not finding the temple even though it was just visible to us.Finally we zeroed on the place to find that it was closed for the priest to have his lunch and perhaps his siesta at noon so we said our prayers that is me and my husband.
It was so near that there would be no problem to go again.
My husband asked me what was it I was asking God during my visit to temples,I told him that it was just not possible for me to remember but one thing for sure it was always to ask God to make my task easy in all my exam papers to answer properly and see I pass in my exams.
Here is that temple I saw finally.
I hope to visit this temple again to see Lord Eswara & Parvathi at this holy place Srirangapatana.
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