Monday, June 15, 2009

[ Gosai Ghat - If she could swim.]

This is a beauty spot where films are shot or shooting is done.River Kaveri flows gently inviting you to take a dip if you are a swimmer as otherwise it is a risk with no crowd around for help in case you need.The water also is better than other places of the river in and around SriRangaPatana 15 K M from MYSORE.I wanted to know who was the Gosai and where he lived to a lone aged river supervisor,he said the word Gosai means Sanyasi and that it is not the name of any individual,more than 300 years ago Gosai's from North India Kashi ( Varanasi)were here and they had stayed here after building the temple of Kasi Visweswars and Sri.Parvathi and went away after Tipu had come to SriRangaPatana.There are other interesting spots here and they are,Tipu's summer Palace,Tipu's family burial site,Sangam where the Kaveri Joins and the most holy temple of Goddess Sree Nimishamba.

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