Saturday, June 13, 2009

[ Madur Vada.]

I was born here where for over a century this 'Madur Vada' was born.Our Present Minister for Foreign Affairs was also born here.
This is a small town you get if you go by road or train and for all travelers on this route this Vada is a must to eat and enjoy the crisp bite.
The Govt transport bus stops only here for all to have their Tea,Coffee or meals with this Vada to go with.
Recently a new eatery has come up which is clean and well kept at this Bus Stand.
I do not know about the Railway Station as it's or it was LaLu controlled all these years.
The Present Railway Minister may prefer Rasgola for Vada.
We have to dance to the tune of this shameless Ministers and the Railway officials who have spoiled our train to Mysore in not providing us with a/c coaches or fast trains a distance of 130 KM with out a single traffic jam or a road Hump can be traveled in our Maruti 800 in One and half hours but the train takes 4 to 5 hours.
Even by road with over a dozen traffic jams and nearly a hundred road Bumps or Humps or Road Breaks takes 2 hours in small cars,my Maruti Alto.

Sharada Rao.
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