Friday, June 19, 2009

[ My Home - 5.]

Where is your house my old friend who met me at a meeting I attended asked me,I gave him my card and told him here is my home.
How can my home be in my card,that was not what my friend asked.
Oh,you a Ex MD of a textile mill he shot back.
I just smiled and he also smiled and he said you a blogger too.
I nodded my head and he asked me what else do I do.
Now I reminded him that he wanted to know where is my home.
Oh yes I know this place,I called a auto and told him to take me to my home since he knew where it was.
I sat in the auto and told him to get in,we were 5 KM away from my home and it was just 20 minutes ride,my friend could not locate my house even after 45 minutes.
In Bangalore it's not that easy to locate any place ( a home of course ) if you do not know how to go from one place to another.
Even those of my friends who do know my home come only on a function and do not visit frequently.
How to make any one to locate your home.?
Land Mark.My Home needs a land mark.
No problem I followed my instinct and created a Google Map which I propose to print in my Card once the present card gets exhausted.
So my home is a Google dot.
What else can my home be,?
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