Thursday, June 11, 2009

[ My School - It was Tipu Sultan's warehouse office.]

It was by my compulsion so often that I made my husband take me to the famous Town of SriRangaPatana 15 KM from Mysore towords Bangalore.He did take me there and we did find the school that was once the officees of the Ware House that stored food items for Tipu Sultan's army inside the fort surrounded by river Kaveri which took a deviation at one point and joined at another about a KM away.The school I did remember was having a big compond but that was not there and there was no girl's school as old as 50 years in any place except this deserted building which was the only place that was a girl's school 50 years back.The school was shifted from the ware house office to the ware house as the Heritage Building was neglected by our monopolistic Archelogical Survey Of India known as ASI( Always Sleeping Indians) of our country.They are sleeping becouse they do not know what to do there being a Heritage Site every 100 KM in our country and our politicians have the gaint country's problem to see to besides their siblings future and indeed to their own.It was in this school around 50+years ago I studied my primary education for a short period a stop gap befour my daddy could get a transfer and we got relocated to a big city for my further studies.Oh my school building let some body renovate it.
I am A.N.Sharada at this school a 6 year old girl.
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