Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[ We both at Dwaraka.]

We were in Dwaraka the Kingdom of Lord Krishna in the month of April 2005,Our mission was 2 in 1 ,to pray to Lord Krishna to grant a baby TO OUR SON,we prayed standing in the River ' Gomathi ' joining the sea just behind the temple and to meet my friend and college mate Suresh Kumar Sejpal a Gujju.
Lord Krishna took 2 years to grant and bless the baby our sweet grand daughter,a baby girl because we prayed standing in the river 'Gomathi'.Since we stood in the river 'Gomathi' a name which is feminine perhaps he therefore granted a female child,every river in India has a feminine name.(except river Bramhaputra)We also prayed to Lord Krishna at his feet to bless our son with a son.He may take another 2 years for our prayers to be heard to bless our son with a son as the 'Q' for his blessing may be too long to be heard since he has other devotes who might have asked for his blessings much earlier than us as we delayed praying for his blessings,after hundreds of devotes who had his darshan before we went to him.
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