Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[ Navaratri at 987/24 - Sept,2008.]

These are the Dolls that are worshiped during Navaratri Celebrations being done in our homes in Bangalore.
The former State of Mysore ruled by the Wodayar Family was called as The State of Mysore.This included our Bangalore city.This Navaratri Festival is one of the Major happy occasions and is celebrated in every household mainly by the Bramhin community and the tradition is to keep the Pair of Dolls the male doll in the Head Gear and the other being his newly wedded wife.These Dolls are a part of the package during wedding presented by the parents of the girl who was doing the pooja during the Navaratri festival at her parents home.These dolls are to be worshiped in her parents home only,But since the girl after her marriage has to leave elsewhere the parents give her a new set of dolls to worship in her place whereever it be.The same being the case with the mother of the girl.The doll worshiped by my mother will be in our family after passing away of my mother and this doll will go from our family to my son's family till such time we are alive.The doll to the left of the P.C is my daughter's which she has left with us as she is not in India and the doll to the right is the doll given by my Wife's parents which she has to worship as long as she is alive.
The significance being that the girl after marriage is forever by her husband's side all her life and so her husband too all his life.
This is a 9 day funtion and a Joy for boys and girls in Bangalore.
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