Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[ Why Bhajan & Bhojan.]

It was one fine evening more than 5 years back when my wife and myself were walking towards the park that I told my wife to go and enquire the group of lady's standing in a circle were doing some exercisers ( that I used to see daily ) as to what are the qualifications to join the group that she went enquired and came back and told me it was free for all lady's that She Joined the group called the LADY'S LAUGHING CLUB.
She was a regular there very soon and it was a good anti depression medication with out any medical help.
They were in a open ground and soon due to local Member of the Legislative Assembly who helped them to get a decent place in the public park that it was a place quite independent and open that looked nice.
My wife was there for more period of time than that was needed firstly to be accepted and than to be invited to chats that was more interesting than the real daily executrices for which the group met.
This was also overcome after a period of time which was again more than the required period of time than that which was needed due to my wife's shy nature in social group activities for which my presence was more in person or in absence and behind the seance's in the activities.This being absent she took time to get in to the heart of the group.
However soon she started going to group Bhajan's and Bhojan's in various persons homes and it was a event mostly each month.
I was keeping quite away from this mob of lady's in any function even after being invited frequently.
My wife was soon going more often to such Bhajan's and Bhojan's and she felt that she must also welcome them to such event and thus after nearly four years she arranged the event with some help from my side in this event.
This was how the function Bhajan and Bhojan was arranged in our home.
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