Sunday, June 24, 2007


This is a copy of Redwoods by nature.Dini drove all the way to and fro from home along Sanfrancisco's Crooked Street,Cliff Tower and 49 mile long drive along the sea, a drive Sharry and myself will remember for a long time.
Muir Woods National Monument is a remnant of the ancient coast redwood forest that blanketed many northern California coastal valleys before the 1800's. Local businessman William Kent and his wife Elizabeth Thatcher Kent bought land in this valley in 1905 to protect one of the last stands of uncut redwoods.To ensure permanent protection, they donated 295 acres of redwood to the federal government.In 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed the area a national monument.At Kent request, it was named for conservationist John Muir.
A redwood tree as tall as 368 feet and 20 feet diameter the botanical name-Sequoia Sempervirens the largest tree in diameter and height is the only one in the world.
There is also a cross section of a same type of tree 1021 years old which fell down but a sample preserved beautifully.
If you visit San Francisco don't fail to go here which is only a mile from the city.
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