Sunday, June 24, 2007


Great-day, Dini took us to his dream spot The Yosemite National park created by nature 25.000 years ago. I should say that I feel bad when he told us that he would take us their during our last visit.I am sorry son,but glad I made it with Sharry this time.

How many times my son has gone to this place,that many times he will be going as he is never satisfied since any number of times this is visited it keeps changing and you will find it different says Dini.

The worth persevering memories purchased at the gift shop is the only item that keeps me remembering this fine nature's beauty here in India.

The year calender photos are so nice I do not know as to who might have taken such pictures which I keep seeing and remembering our visit to this natures gift to mankind for ever.

Anyone staying at San Jose,Sunnyvale or Mountain view on a visit to USA must visit this place to enjoy the garden of God on earth.May be there are other places like Red woods,Big sur,Muir woods,Crooked street,Tower cliff to Half moon in Francisco's and many other states would be as beautiful,But I had no chance to see them.

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