Sunday, March 14, 2010

[ My Home - 13.]

My dream Home is on 60X40 sqfeet area and I want 7 Bed Rooms.
I want a sitting room.
I want a Basement for my Studio,a bed room a kitchen,bath room shower and Toilet all in the basement with my car shed included.There should be a open space of 5 feet all around the building and a 14 feet X 40 feet flower bed with lot and flower pots all around the house.There will be a telephone connection to all rooms.All rooms are sound proof and Eco proof.Maximum natural light,solar light and heat is compulsory.Rainwater Harvesting for drinking water and use of bore well water for all other purposes will be required.All room will have Broad Band Internet connectivity.Electrical lines and plumbing lines will be in opposite directions and will have over load fuse boxes or other devices for any sort of activity.TV cable is of course a necessity.Children room will be 2 rooms with 2 beds and a optional of 2 beds if required by sleeper couch type of Railway coaches.All Rooms will have all requirements of all things in built in wall type cupboard not protruding from wall occupying floor space. All air conditioned and 7 Bed Rooms also Air Conditioned.The Kitchen will be surrounding the Dining table as wide as possible.The basement will have all requirements for comfortable living for me with a Studio of two sorts in 2 corners,one for painting and other for my electric organ.Give this for drawing a plan.Any changes will be informed as and when required if it can be done with out compromising on structural weakness of any sort.
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