Monday, September 21, 2009

[ My Home 9.]

The other day I was sitting in my Veranda looking at the garden looked after by my wife and thinking of how to put a fountain in the middle of the lawn when a young man came and stood in front of my home.The conversation went like this:-
Me- Hello who are you.?
He- Sir,I am from the Cell phone Tower Company.
Me- What do you want.?
He- I want to check your Home for Pillers.
Me- We do not have pillers.
He- O K Sir,I will just take a reading.
Me- What reading.?
He- GPS Reading.
Me- How do you do that.?
He- This GPS Tracker - Sir, he said and pulled out a Cell phone like instrument and did some settings on the dials provided and told me that My Home is located at:-
North - 12.97815 latitude
East - 077.549 longitude.
He said the meter is also showing that my home is 1.6 Kilometers from the other point which was his Base Point for location of any new Towers.The instrument he said is connected to a satellite and would show MY Home's distance on land from any place on Earth by setting on the instrument the readings that were shown at the place at MY HOME.
So I got one more ID for my home other than those that I mentioned in my 'MY HOME' postings.
I forgot to note the name of the instrument or ask him any question on the instrument,I just took the reading on my pad and was happy with the New ID for MY HOME.
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