Sunday, September 27, 2009

[ My Home 10.]

In INDIA it's a dream to have a Home on wheels,no harm in dreaming " MY HOME ON WHEELS " and of course a big bank balance another dream,dreams may not come as you wish,efforts can.What indeed is our real dream.After you come out from your college with a Diploma or a Degree your first dream is a study good Job with whatever pay you get.Then it's your pay you need a raise and there is no chance you will get in your present Job.So next thing you dream of changing your Job.In your efforts you will succeed but your parents have a dream too.You got to listen to them or if they keep mum you do select a girl and just inform your parents.They have no choice and you get married.Now the dream gets doubled with your wife's included compulsorily.Then your kids come from your efforts in entertaining yourself.The dreams now are so big,you will forget or miss-plan,your efforts increase,so also the demands form sources you were responsible one way or the other.What are your dreams at this stage.?May be if you are lucky your dreams come true.So why not dream.?Now I dream knowing it's too late as my life's mission is complete and am considered as Excess Baggage.But still no harm in dreaming it's not being greedy or not contented with whatever that I got,when unwanted dreams come why not dream wanted dreams.The picture is my dream though.
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