Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[ She walks the talk through P.C ]

It took one year and two months for my grand daughter to walk,my wife and myself complimented our self that our grand daughter had bet my son and daughter by one month as they both took one year and three months to walk.
Our son had sent a video of our grand daughter walk like a sumo wrestler and we watched her video several times over and over,I could not recollect how our son had walked but I remembered how our daughter walked and jumped.Our grand daughter made us rejoice her as well as our kids walk a great feat that was such a delight to us both.
Our daughter was not a problem as we had house maid and boy to look after while our son had a part time house maid to look after and it was my wife's hard work as she had to feed him and me a pain in the neck for my wife for anything that I ate the breakfast,lunch or dinner had to be of perfect taste.
My wife had never cooked all her life before she married me and had no support in the kitchen while my son was born.
One day she gave Idly for breakfast and it was very hard and I had thrown it to the wall where it was stuck like a stamp.My son hates me for that act of mine even today.
My grand daughter was a good no problem baby for her daily feeds and it was only few times we saw her disliking the food may be on account of indigestion or change of place.
My wife's wish to carry her was very strong but her left knee joint was a victim of arthritis and it was not possible for her to hold her for more than few minutes.
Even my limit was just 30 minutes only and I had to sit down for a few minutes to rest my knees

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