Monday, November 10, 2008

[ Our Son's Birthday.]

Today is our son's birthday it is also a day celebrated by Hindu families across our city [that is Bangalore] as Utthana Dwadasi or Tulasi (Pooja) Vivaha.

Lord Vishnu,after a long war,killed demon Shankasura and went to sleep in his ocean of milk on Ashada Sukla Ekadasi day.While the protector was asleep,the world and humans were vulnerable to destruction by evil powers.On Kartika Sukla Dwadasi day.Vishnu woke up ( utthna means getting up ) to perform His duty.It was on this day that the Lord married Tulsi ( born by churning of the ocean of milk ).

To celebrate the day,Hindu families keep a basil platform (Vrindavan) on the right side of the house.The Tulsi plant is watered and decorated with Rangoli,Haldi,Kumkum,Flowers and gooseberry branches.Lamps(Jothi)are lit around the vrindavan.An idol of Lord Krishnais traditionally kept near the plant and worshiped with flowers,milk and sweets likePayasam made of beaten Rice,Jaggery and Coconut Burfy.Prayers are offered for peace and prosperity and Bhajans on and Tulsi are sung.Bursting of crackers is also common on this day.

The belief is that by worshiping Krishna and Tulsi the head of the family attains moksha (exemption from further transmigration) and is blessed with an spiritual benifits.

Today your mother has done the Pooja ( picture above )and we both have prayed to you Dini that you,your wife and your daughter Maya are also blessed for health,wealth, peace and prosperity in your family.

This is our Birthday Greeting Card©.
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