Friday, November 14, 2008

[ November 13th 2008 at ISKCON.]

We were at ISKCON my favorite place a paradise for me and a place of worship of Lord Krishna.
We were here for a special pooja performed to Lord Krishna on 13th November of each year,which is the Birthday of our son.
The pooja is such a sight to see that you will not know where you are,what you are and how you are.The whole place filled with the perfume by Sambrani and Incence air the devine songs sung with music with drums over the Audio system,the Electric and Oil Lights and the devotes also singing and dancing make the place a heaven.
We keep seeing the idol of Lord Krishna and the feeling we derive fills our eyes and heart and the mind gets to relax our whole body without any other thoughts.We do not remember any one at this point of time till the pooja comes to a slow and delightful sounds of the music coming to a stop and the sounds of the Counch being made.
You are than taken to Lord Narasimha and Lord Venkateswara where again the pooja is made and than you will get theSankalpa made and the Arathi performed,you will take the Arathi,Panchamruta Thirtha,and wait for a heavenly taste of Prasad served as Breakfast.The several varities of Prasad is served again and again till you feel you can't take any more.
You are than presented with a special prasad which is the favorite of Lord Krishna and they the highly educated volenteers bid farewel till our visit to the temple again.
The picture above is the place where we sat to have the Prasad.
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