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Sri Ram was born on 5114 BC, January 10, 12.30 am.

Rama and his Vanaru built the bridge to Sri Lanka 1,750,000 years back to go to Sri Lanka to bring Sree Sita from the clutches of Ravana.The bridge was built in 5076 BC.

January 11,5.30 am Bharatha was born.Precisely 29 hours after 29 hours after Rama was born.

Jan 4 was the coronation eve Rama was 25 years old

Oct 7,Lakshman fought Khar and Dushasn who were furious on Surpanaka' cut nose.

April 3,Vali vadh

Sept 12,Hanuman visits Lanka for the first time and returns to Rama after two days.

Sept 20,an army of monkeys starts march towards Lanka

Nov 24,Meganath is Killed.

NGO gives 'proof' of Rama's existence
Claims He Was Born In 5114;Sethu Built in 5076BC



Lord Rama is not a mythological figure,but a historical one who lived 7,200 years ago in 5076BC,He walked the Rama sethu to reach Lanka.Built by Nala and Neel,the civil engineers par excellence,the bridge was built using 'pore pressure'concept of marine engineering.

Quite dazed?But a Chnnai-based NGO,Bharat Gyan,gives even more specific dates and times of events in Rama's life.The NGO engages itself in extensive research of Indian history.In its study,Bharat Gyan employed a varied approach,including historical,geographical,archaeological and archaeo-astronomical,to chalk out Rama's life.The study says Rama had a family tree of 60 generations and was born in 5114BC.

While Valmiki's Ramayana has been considered as the historic text,various reports and findings from the Archaeological Survey of India,Space Application centre,National Institute of Oceanography,National Aeronautics ans Space Administration,astronomical skycharts,geological survey,coins and inscriptions have been used in this study.

Neela Sethu the 35-km long 3.5-km wide bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka,was built in 5076BC and named after its architect Neela,son of Viswakarma.It is actually a linear structure scientifically built by connecting 103 small islands in the sea.

The construction of the Sethu was in three stages-the area was surveyed to find a suitable place,utilization of technical skills was analyzed and then executed,"It wasn't random throwing of stones into the sea that made the bridge,but an aligned use of strings while logs of bamboo,sala,dhana were used to form a wooden cushion on which stones were placed to create the walkwat"said D K Hari of Bharat Gyan.

"There have been all-legations of such claims being baseless.But the ASI has drilled 11 holes in Rana Sethu over a period and confirmed that the bridge was made of wood,and plans have grown over the old structure."

Ravi Shanker to support Sethu:
Sri Sri Ravi Shanker,the founder of Art of Living,found these findings quite startling and is in favor of protecting the Ram Sethu.

"There are scientific findings by Hari and his team to prove their claims and I belive that the report should be respected"he said.

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