Saturday, December 08, 2007


This is a fine resturent/ hotel/ inn at Sunnyvale.

I stayed here for 2 days due to plumbing work in my son's residence in Sunny vale.

What I enjoyed here was the breakfast which could be a lunch also for persons like me a diabetic.

My wife was enjoying the South Indian food which was available in many resturents that were walkable from our hotel.

I enjoyed the evening walks with my wife as there was no one walking on such wide footpaths and we could go to any shop and see eyeful all those items that were in the shop.I was tempted to buy few things with my credit card as I had already tried a $3.00 item and my Card had clicked,but to use it again I had to hold back.Who will wipe my tears when the bill comes at my home in India.

I liked the Blue Berry's,Cranberry fruits and Jams.We could even get the Jam sugarless,the Rose petal Jam was one more I liked the fragness was so sweet smelling.It is a gift for thouse that are in USA,as it is not grown in INDIA which they say is INCREDIABLE.


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