Friday, May 10, 2013

My Dreams & My Home.

My Dream my home and my dream life,how it went till now and where it will take me is interesting indeed.

First Home,it was a room shared by 3 other colleagues and I was admitted as the 4th,these 3 were living in a house which had a small veranda and a kitchen.This kitchen was used by a senior college and other 3 of us had no admission in to this place.Even water was given by the senior and we 3 had to keep it in a mug in a shelf shared by all the 4 of us.The open toilet where the shit would drop in a basket and the bath room was out side with no roof this was behind the house which had a Rent of Rs.10/- per person.We all worked as Govt of India trainees in a local textile mill in Madurai a state in Tamil Nadu.Our Stipend of Rs.100/- per month was sent by the Govt of India,Ministry of Scientific Research and Training.As textile diploma graduates we had to under go a 6 months compulsory training in a textile mill selected by the govt.This was my home first after leaving my dear parents.This place was far away from my home in Bangalore and my dad was trying to fix me in a local textile mill but the person who was to fix me in that local textile mill advised my dad to send me to Madurai and he had no option with my mom forcing me to go to Madurai and not work in a local textile mill.I left home with Rs.100/- in my pocket and a 3rd class ticket by train to Madurai.I stayed here in my First home for 6 months.

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