Thursday, August 23, 2012

[ I saw Paris.]

I did go to Paris and enjoyed my stay at the Air Port and stayed at the Air Port and was enjoying myself shaving with my pocket electric shaver which I had planed and purchased when my son told me that I will be flying via Paris and will have to wait some 14 hours to take my next flight.I was just enjoying my stay at the Air Port sitting on carpeted floor while my flight was getting ready for take off as I did not hear or ask any one when and where I had to board my flight as myself and my wife were on wheel chairs and it was the duty of the Air Lines the Air Line people searched me and found me and my wife squatting on the floor with our baggage and asked us if we are the passengers on flight number so and so when we said yes he heaved a sigh of relief and took us to the plane waiting for the missing passengers.At that point of time I had to do what my ticket said.That was because of the excitement of my first visit to a foreign country with my wife.After 2 visits now if I go anywhere it may be quite different as I have matured on going abroad.What I saw for now after some 15 years as I write this post is something else.My son was working in Paris and I thought he would stay there all his life.He excelled in his work,there was all possibility that he would get a job there and my wife and myself would go there to spend our evening life seeing Paris.That was the dream when my son told me that he was going to work in Paris when he returned from work one day long long ago.Lot of water has gone under the bridge and to write those past memories may look historic.My life and wife is my blog which will be a history some time or other.The blog itself is a history as days go and things change for better.There are few things that must get out of our system so we can breath slowly.These pictures that are in this post are the photos that my son took when he was in Paris and traveled to few places.There were many photos that he kept with us and never bothered to take them since he had no time to check if he had them on his album in his photo gallery which he is keeping on the Internet.Out of these hundreds of pictures I selected pictures those that were just pictures of places and had no persons were in these pictures.Most of the pictures were taken in Paris which were explained to me when he visited us.I kept them all these years in some place and forgot where I had kept them as i have a huge collection of photos.When I shifted to my new virgin home on a virgin land in a remote village I had to unpack and repack it was then that I got my hands on them and was thinking of making a CD of all the pictures.The problem was I had many CD also.I thought of including all the pictures of places in my painting and preserving them.It was then that I saw Paris in those pictures.
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