Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[ Dr.Anthony Pais.Dr.Shilpy & Dr.Puvamma perform Gynacomastia surgery on me.]

I was afraid to show my breast to my Doctor since it was a thing not common in men and of my age

Dr.Manjunath Babu.,M D of Narayana Hrudayalaya saw my left breast with a lump under the nipple and advised me to show it to Dr.Antony Pais one of the best breast surgeons at Muzumdar Shah Cancer Center.

Dr.Anthony Pais saw my left breast nipple under which there was a lump and took immediate action to get a ultra sound test done for both the left and right breasts.

The Ultra Sound Scanner Machine showed a lesion with in the Lump.

The Doctor who did the ultra sound test said in his report that his impression was that 'An ill-defined irregular shaped hypoechoic solid lesion in the left retroaroeolar region - Recommended BIRADS IV and FNAC correlation.That Recommendation nailed me.
I had to have a sample to be drawn for Biopsy test.

The Biopsy sample was drawn by Dr.Anthony Pais immediately.It was 9 days of sleepless nights with sleeping pills that I had to endure to get the result and I was declared 90% out of danger.I asked the Doctor if I can take it as 100% but he said a flat NO.I wanted 100% and he said get the entire thing out by surgery and may be you will be Lucky to get 100%.So I had to under go surgery.The day was fixed and my kids were not informed of my surgery as the Biopsy test has declared my Gynaecomastia was 90% free from any malignancy.My son had told it was a cosmetic surgery done as a procedure in the hospital where his wife was a Doctor.

My wife was with me and that was enough for me as I knew her presence was the only thing I wished if something went wrong.By Gods grace nothing went wrong.
I saw at the sample in the glass bottle and was wondering how a hair size sample can give as out of danger by 90%. This made me go in for surgery.With worried look on her face my wife sent me in to the Operating Theater.

My Wife took this picture as Dr.Shilpy came to take me to the OT.

The surgery took 90 minutes and the full lump was taken out from under my Left breast nipple.My wife took a picture of it.

The sample was sent for Biopsy and I had to wait 9 days to get the result with sleepless nights even with sleeping pills.

A cut closed and a tube to get the blood accumulated inside the cut with a bag I was out wondering when my pain will start.There was no pain which was a surprise.

I was in the hospital for 6 days very well looked after by Dr.Anthony Pais and his team of Doctors and Nursing staff at MUZUMDAR SHAH Cancer Center.

The Biopsy of the entire lesion in thelump showed that there was no evidence of Malignancy.

Good Bye to you dear Doctors I am 100% out of danger by Gods grace.
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