Saturday, August 08, 2009

[ My Home - 7 .]

My Home has a number not one but two.
Why two for one Home.?
One for Post Office.
One for Property ID.
With out the property ID you cannot get anything from the Electricity or Water and Sewage Connections.
You cannot pay the Tax on your property with out the Property ID.
There are other numbers also like your phone number of Land Line,Mobile Phone number,Your Car Registration number,one more is the page number and serial number on the voters list.If you do not know these numbers you cannot cast your vote.Here it's magic.Just wait for the elections to come and you will be provided with these numbers on your door step freely,even without your asking.The candidates who stands for election have volunteers coming to your doors with their mouth wide open smiling and deliver this number.It's the other way for Slum dwellers who have no property ID nor they pay property tax but get paid on these election days with their voter page number and serial number along with some crisp sounding paper.We are supposed to vote once after 4 years but that does not happen.Some part of the country is in election mode every year.They say it's our Democratic way of life.This is Incredible India.
Now we have Mr.Nandan Nilekani as the Chairperson of Unique ID Authority of India and he will allot another number like perhaps your credit card number which you can never remember as you will have more than one card or less than 6 cards.Credit cards have only numbers unlike your PAN card which has English alphabets sprinkled in between numbers.I don't know how it's in USA there no one tells even how many numbers in their number.The other numbers which are many and for which you have a diary maintained and look up when needed.
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