Friday, July 24, 2009

[ My Home - 6.]

What else could be my home was my question in My Home - 5.

Holy Cow,I almost forgot that Bangalore is My Home

I was born here.

I got married here to a Bangalore girl.

My first Son was born here.


It was in Bangalore that I completed my full education up to pre University earlier called during our time as Intermediate University education of two year duration to enter any professional course.Any of the courses required a minimum of 40% marks in all the subjects for admission and 35% for a pass.This was not possible for me.So I entered a undergraduate course and took a Diploma in Textile Technology and secured a Govt of India scholarship for on hand compulsory training in the textile mill for six months to secure a Diploma certificate on completion of training. I was allotted one of the largest group of mills in Asia at Madura as I was the second best student of the 3 and half year course.I had to leave My Home Bangalore for the next forty years of my life,except for a year's honey moon in Mysore Mills now a Mighty huge Apartment Complex.The Mill provided jobs now it's space provides Flats.
Jai Ho N T C for this conversion

My Home is not only the place where I have a own roof over my head but the city that mesmerizes and fascinates with a unique flavor you can never get anywhere in our country.
Even the President of

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