Thursday, February 07, 2008


"Bhima-Amarja Sangam at Gangapur, is very sacred. There are Koti Theerthas there. The Aswatha Tree at Gangapur is as powerful as tha KalpaVriksha. Near the Aswatha Tree is Narasimha Teertha, and northwards to it are the PapaVinasini Teertha, Varanasi Teertha, Rudrapada Teertha, Chakra Teertha, Koti Teertha, manmadha Teertha etc. There is the Kalleshwara temple there. It is holy as Gokarna."
We visited this place several times while we were in Gulbarga.
A book on the history of the place,when you read it will bring you the gift you ask from God. We have had our Gift after reading this book.
This holy place is situated 40 miles from the city of Gulbarga.
Sri.Sadashiv Kamalakarbhat who is one of the preist will assist all the devotees who visit this place.His Cell # is 9448902709 and the STD Code is 08470.
The place is also the meeting point of two rivers Bhima & Amaraja SANGAMA a dip in this river is a cure of all the diseases if you have faith in God.
No question need be asked as to what is faith.It is also true that if the book on this place called "GURU CHARITRA" if read in 9 days with the guide lines given in the book one can enjoy life as he desires and get his desires fulfilled.
The storey of Lord Dattatreya can be read from the web site :

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